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Environmentally Responsible

Cut and Clean Concrete Cutting is a specialist’s provider of concrete and asphalt cutting, incorporating integrated vacuum and slurry recycling.

Cut and Clean undertook research and development of an environmentally friendly approach to concrete cutting. This resulted in it being the first to market with a sustainable, environmentally responsible solution for water conservation and waste management within the concrete cutting industry.

This innovative approach taken by Cut and Clean Concrete Cutting provides protection against discharge of contaminants to storm water drains/ waterways and reduce exposure to potentially harmful airborne particles.
A recent upgrade of our recycling plant is now complete. Operators have the ability to dock their trucks at one of three stations to release slurry from their vehicles.
The new plant can now process 2000 Litres of slurry per hour. This process produces one cubic metre of solids and returns 1000 Litres of recycled water to our storage tanks. The solids are sent to Alex Fraser’s Recycling every two weeks.

Every Litre of slurry is recycled.

Slurry Recycling Calculations

SLURRY : 45000 Litres of Slurry

FILTER PRESS : 38 Pressings

RECYCLED WATER : 18000 litres of Reclaimed water

DRIED CAKE : 12 meter bin collected