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Cut and Clean Projects

On a daily basis Cut and Clean Concrete Cutting operators can work on a variety of sites ranging from small access holes to large scale trenching. Recently we completed 70 kilometres of cutting in the Melbourne CBD with operators having collected and recycled over one million litres of slurry.

Many of the projects are emergency call outs requiring a quick response to gas escapes,power outages or problems that may arise during the excavation of tie-ins or trenches.Our response to any of these callouts is crucial to the success of our client’s projects and so with the addition of our seventh Isuzu truck we believe the service we provide will continue to improve as our company grows.

Cut and Clean Concrete Cutting have recently constructed a new silenced integrated vacuum recycling unit. Our aim was to achieve a much lower DBA reading when cutting in sensitive areas where noise pollution is an ongoing problem. Silenced blades and machinery were tested and align with the new silenced integrated vacuum recycling unit. Our aim is to offer our clients the benefits of much lower DBA readings while working in sensitive areas that are prone to complaints from the general public.